“Education at Chicago Tech Academy is transformative.”

In addition to a four-year, college prep course load, students at Chicago Tech Academy take two technology classes per day. By the time they’re seniors, students are able to work on a team, consulting clients on their development and design needs. Many students are being held to a higher academic standard than they have been their entire life.

ChiTech’s cutting-edge curriculum involves:

“We are learning how to make websites. I think it’s cool because I’ll be able to own my own web based business one day. We have classes and technology at Chicago Tech that my friends at other schools don’t. That’s what I like about ChiTech.” – Quinton Owens, Sophomore

And it’s not just about the technical side. Our staff and faculty are unlike any other with a commitment to collaboration, growth, and creative-critical thinking. ChiTech is excited about transformative education, not just test scores. We truly believe, if you can dream it, you can do it at Chicago Tech Academy.