ChiTech Seniors’ Road to Success includes $2M and Spring Internships

ChiTech Seniors’ Road to Success Starts with $2M+ in College Scholarship Awards and Spring Internships ChicagoTech Academy is proud to highlight the many achievements of the Class of 2016.  After four years of college-bound focus, countless hours of homework and scholastic pursuit, ChiTech seniors are looking forward to graduation on June 11th.  The Class of 2016 has earned more than $2 […]

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Strong Student Tackles Physics

Physics is hard, even for smart kids. Brendan asked Mr. Beard for help and they worked together on some difficult concepts. Because of his resourcefulness and Mr. Beard’s individual attention, he’s doing better than ever and is proud of his progress. It takes a strong person to ask for help and work hard until they […]

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Capstone: What is it?

Students need to study right? Right but ALSO they need to experience real work. How do you teach real work situations and entrepreneurship to kids? Capstone. The Senior Capstone course at Chicago Tech Academy is the ultimate project in a project ­based learning school. It is the culmination of not just what students have learned, but who students have […]

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