Project Based Learning What is PBL and why is ChiTech using it?

Here’s a radical idea. The purpose of school is to prepare young people for life after school. Here’s radical idea number two. Why not make school like the world for which we are preparing students? Much of what we do in this “real world”, regardless of our chosen field of work is problem solve, collaborate […]

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Chicago NFL Great Kicks off ChiTech School Year

Desmond Clark, Former Super Bowl player with the Chicago Bears, NFL Alumni President, Civic Leader and Financial Adviser.   Desmond Clark, newly elected President of the NFL Alumni Association and former Bears #88, came this fall to speak to some ChiTech student athletes and kick off our 2015 school year. Mr. Clark spoke about the process of finding […]

What Is Project Based Learning? \\ A Student and a Teacher Have The Answer

Dear readers, I must warn you.  The bias is strong with this one. Imagine this.  You’re offered a job and told “You’re going to get a chance to accomplish something really great, but first we need you to complete ten weeks of training.  That one day at the end, though, we’ll have you prove what […]

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