Why do students travel up to two hours to attend school every day at Chicago Tech Academy?

It’s simple. You can’t get this education any place else.

How many high school students get to:

Senior, Shaquiesha Davis was selected to represent ChiTech at the Third Annual White House Science Fair with her mobile app, Baby B 4 Me, an app connecting parents and care providers to interact through real-time chart update, a support net list, and video and text chat capabilities. As a babysitter herself, she noticed the anxiety parents have when leaving their child. New sitters also feel this. Her app is a solution to bridge the gap of communication while parents are away.

You can check up Shaquiesha’s story and Fox News interview here.

This type of exposure, high expectations, and career and college preparation is all a part of the ChiTech experience.

We are Chicago’s high tech entrepreneurial high school. Not just because our students are preparing to lead the next generation of technology and start-up businesses, but because our students are developing ideas and solving real world problems now.

Chicago Tech Academy does not impose barriers like location, money, or skill level on acceptance. Our students are motivated by the power of technology and are excited about special opportunities to build critical relationships in tech.